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“Sandplay a return to the beginning before words complicated our inner world”

Welcome to Tuatara Counselling Services,

from the beginning


Tuatara Counselling Services provides confidential, safe,
and non-judgemental counselling for people of all ages.


Counselling may be useful in times of stress, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma or anger; if you are struggling with relationship, childhood or parenting issues; or if you are
wanting to talk about any aspect of your life that has become difficult for you.


Tuatara Counselling Services offers you the option of 
traditional Counselling as well as more creative therapeutic 
options including Sandplay Therapy.


Jacqueline Chartrand-Glenn is an NZAC Registered Counsellor based in Taupo, New Zealand. She works with funding organisations and is ACC registered for sensitive claims.

"My experience with Jacqueline has been positive and empowering. She has helped me to use tools and strengths I had buried and forgotten" Morgan aged 36

Tuatara Counselling Services provides safe,
non-judgemental counselling.

For an appointment with an NZAC Registered and ACC Accredited Counsellor
Call:  022 6927351


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