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As well as clients self funding their appointments, Tuatara Counselling Services works with the following funding organisations in support of clients improved wellbeing. Not a comprehensive list of potential funding avenues...
Benestar translates to ‘wellbeing’ and that is the essence of our promise, helping you and your employees to ‘be your best you’. For 30 years, we’ve championed the unlimited potential of good health and we’ve demonstrated the clear link to great performance. 
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Here to help no matter who you are, where you live, or the issues you are facing. We help you with services that are free, confidential & accessible. Services are available for carers, family and friends as well. Counselling is offered to patients and families of those who have been diagnosed with cancer.
Cancer sucks but CanTeen helps. No 13-24 should fight cancer alone. 
For Young People, expert support, no govt funding, free Services.
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Having depression is like walking through mud every day. So on Friday 5 April 2019, we asked you to show your support, put your gumboots on, give a gold coin, take a walk in their shoes for just one day: many did. 100% of donations goes to counselling for kiwi kids & young people: that could include you.
Instep, a national behavioural healthcare company delivering the highest quality support programmes. Their employee assistance programme is designed to assist in the identification and resolution of employees impaired by personal concerns: Confidentiality is paramount in the process. 
OCP has been providing Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) for over 20 years. Offering a flexible service for small, medium and large sized organisations, supporting over 400 throughout New Zealand and Internationally.
We are dedicated to supporting any child in New Zealand whose wellbeing is at significant risk of harm now, or in the future. Our belief is that in the right environment, with the right people surrounding and nurturing them, any child can, and should flourish.
Raise (formerly EAPworks) is a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) in New Zealand. Founded by Mark Sames and Julie Crawley, we are a network of EAP practitioners, counsellors, psychologists and other relevant providers, operating throughout New Zealand. ​We believe healthy and resilient people are the key to a productive, positive workplace.
New Zealand's fastest-growing, nationwide provider of workplace wellness and assistance services. Information about all Vitae's service: counselling, trauma support, critical incident stress management (CISM), employee assistance (EAP), workplace wellness, onsite support, careers and change support.
WINZ provides employment services and financial assistance throughout New Zealand, it can also subsidise counselling for beneficiaries and low income earners through the Disability Allowance.

For an appointment with an NZAC Registered Counsellor, specialising in Sandplay Therapy
Call:  022 6927 351


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