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What is Sandplay Therapy?

Sandplay Therapy
Sandplay therapy It is a non-verbal and non-directive psycho-therapeutic approach to healing and change. Clients create scenes in the sand in either the Wet or Dry or both trays.


During a therapy session, the client chooses from the many miniatures available to create a scene in the sand tray. Using these as symbols to externalise inner struggles. Once the scene is complete, the client may chose to share some of their process. The therapist trusts that the unconscious is directing the healing process. 

Sandplay therapy is useful for those who have suffered some form of trauma. Often used with children who may have difficulty processing
or expressing their feelings. However it is a safe and non-threatening healing process for clients of ALL ages. Play is wholesome healing.


Sandplay Therapy was devised in the 1950s by Dora Kalff, who in turn also established the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) in 1985.

Sandplay Therapy

  • A choice on offer for you at Tuatara Counselling Services 

  • A simple yet profound way to bring healing and change for clients.

  • A way of bypassing thinking about issues and directly accessing conflicts in a symbolic way.

  • A therapeutic process where miniatures as symbols are used in the creation of Sandplay images.

  • A change in these images enables a client to gain the courage to make changes in their own life.

Sandplay is a safe, non-threatening healing process

for clients of ALL ages.

What is Sandplay?

A brief description and demonstration of sandplay
therapy, featuring Gita Morena & Lorraine Freedle.

“Jacqueline was so good, kind and caring with our little boy and helped our family through a tough time.

We got the help we needed and feel grateful to Jacqueline for all her help”

We communicated with Symbols, Images long before we used words

Jacqueline, is a Counsellor based on the Hibiscus Coast with satellite clinics in Taupō.

Who is a Sandplay Therapist?

A Sandplay Therapist is a trained professional who has completed specialist theoretical Sandplay Therapy training, and who is also
working towards or has achieved International Accreditation with
ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy).

“My son seems so much happier than he was …
The Sandplay really worked for him,
thank you Jacqueline 😊”

Sandplay Therapy is an effective therapeutic process for a myriad of concerns
Taking us back to the beginning, before words and their complexities hindered our capacity
to understand and heal ourselves.

“I liked it, it was quite fun. 

It was helpful and it was quite awesome” 

Lawrence 9


“Jacqueline helped me get the bad stuff

off my chest”

Elsa 11

"From the first touch of the sand, there is often a palpable release of tension as the body begins to find its natural rhythm again."

Bonnie Badenoch

For an appointment with an NZAC Registered Counsellor, specialising in Sandplay Therapy
Call:  022 6927 351


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