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Kia Ora, Ko Jacqueline ahau

My Parents are from either side of the Atlantic

My husband and I have three young adult children between us.
I have been privileged to call Aotearoa / New Zealand home since 2003.
Making the most of an unexpected migration opportunity I embarked on a journey of learning:  
Culturally I've the privilege experiencing life on a Marae, of being whangai.
I continue to work on my confidence in Te Reo Maori and my knowledge of Te Ao Maori.  
 Academically I began with NZQA Certificate in Youth Work, continuing onto tertiary study where I
Graduated with a Degree in Counselling & Diploma in Integrative Psychology.

Since Graduating I have continued to develop my Counselling skills

Traditional Talk Therapy is supported with more creative modalities: Interactive Drawing Therapy & Sandplay Therapy...  
My career has seen me specialise as a Women’s Counsellor, a Rural Community Counsellor & a Youth Counsellor.  
I have now established my private practice, Tuatara Counselling Services, from the beginning
where I will combine this experience and knowledge in our work together.

Why 'Tuatara Counselling Services, from the beginning ' ?
My Business name arose from a chance ‘meeting’ with a Tuatara many years ago.  
I sat captivated by it, sensing its wisdom, seeing it strong and grounded
enjoying its connection with the sand.  I now understand Tuatara to be treasured guardians.
After sharing my thoughts of 'Tuatara Counselling Services', my Cultural mentor supported the choice &
gifted me the idea for the full name of my business, linking as it does all aspects of Sandplay and Tuatara

For an appointment with an NZAC Registered & ACC Accredited Counsellor
022 6927351 or Email

"If you offer your complete attention to somebody,
    if you're really present and they recognise that
        . . . that affects them"      
                                   Ron Kurtz

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