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So what is Counselling & what can you expect from your time?

Each of us will experience times in our lives where things become uncertain and unsettling,
where life might feel overwhelming possibly resulting in anger, anxiety, depression, grief, and parenting or relationship issues …


Counselling is your time to:
- be heard, to talk freely about aspects of your life that have become difficult for you
- bring all of you and to know that you are unconditionally welcomed, accepted and valued.
- safely explore what’s getting in the way of life being how you need it to be
Counselling has proven beneficial for all ages, cultures and backgrounds


I am an NZAC Registered Counsellor based in Napier, Hawke's Bay
Committed to providing you with a confidential, safe, non-judgemental experience.   
Supporting you in your self-explorations, with changes you determine might be helpful for you to live the life you need.
With an intuitive understanding of cultural and gender diversity and of Te Ao Maori

​​For any questions, or to make an appointment
Please Call: 022 6927 351 or Email:

I will reply to your enquiry in a timely manner & hope to see new clients within a week
Tuatara Counselling Services works with Funding organisations in support of clients
achieving improvements in their well-being & referrals are not always necessary.

This is NOT a Crisis Service
If you're feeling vulnerable, need to talk to someone now: Call Lifeline 0800 543354, Youthline 0800 376 633 or Emergency Mental Health (24hr) 0800 112 334 

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